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Protecting Businesses In Real Estate

There are significant risks for businesses when it comes to real estate. Buying, selling and leasing property is an expensive proposition, and disputes arising from real estate contracts and agreements can be detrimental to any business’s long-term success. The most important thing a business can do to protect itself in the arena of real estate is to work with an experienced team of lawyers.

Our law firm, Dardeno LLP, has been representing businesses in Somerville and throughout the Boston area of Massachusetts since 1950. In our nearly 75 years as a law firm, we have handled everything from the simplest short-term lease agreements to extremely high-profile agreements, industrial developments and high-stakes courtroom real estate trials.

Some of the local projects we have been involved with include Wilmington Industrial Park, the Commercial Wharf Waterfront Development in Boston and the Azalea Road subdivision in Winchester, Massachusetts.

Handling Complex Real Estate Law Issues

Our attorneys represent Massachusetts businesses, land developers and other concerns in legal matters that include:

  • Ongoing in-house services for local businesses, handling all real estate contracts and compliance issues
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Lease and rental agreements
  • Boundary disputes
  • Negotiations of complex development projects
  • Subdivisions and subdivision control
  • Land acquisition
  • Zoning and permitting issues
  • Financing
  • Corporate real property ownership and trust ownership entity formulation
  • Real estate disputes and litigation

Whether our lawyers are representing your business in ongoing real estate contracts or fighting a real estate dispute in court on your behalf, we have the knowledge and experience to protect your business interests and handle any type of real estate law issue that arises.

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Our legal team provides outstanding legal representation in all types of commercial real estate law matters. To discuss engaging our ongoing real estate law services or a one-time legal matter, call us at 617-666-2600 or contact us online.