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Real Estate

For individuals and corporations alike, real estate transactions and disputes represent significant financial investment and risk. There is a lot at stake when it comes to real estate, making the choice of your legal team a critical component to protecting your interests and finances. Make sure you work with a team of lawyers you can trust to handle all aspects of your real estate needs.

Real Estate Services

Our lawyers represent clients in all types of real estate law matters, including:

  • Real estate closings

  • Condominium creation and management 

  • Development agreements

  • Construction contracts

  • Breach of contract

  • Real estate brokerage disputes

  • Foreclosures

  • Leases

  • Easements

  • Title insurance issues

  • Mechanics’ liens

  • Tax-deferred exchanges

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, the legal advice of a knowledgeable attorney is valuable in protecting your interests. Our attorneys offer advice in property development and construction, including use variances and zoning codes. We have helped clients to adapt to changing market forces and to comply with complex environmental laws when developing properties.


Real Estate Litigation

At Dardeno LLP, our attorneys have helped clients throughout Massachusetts and New England resolve real estate disputes. We provide a full range of real estate litigation services for commercial and residential clients. Our lawyers represent developers, owners, landlords, tenants and investors in all types of real estate disputes, including disputes involving:

  • Acquisitions

  • Assessments

  • Bank foreclosures

  • Brokerage commissions

  • Construction contracts

  • Landlord-tenant

  • Leases

  • Adverse possession

  • Boundaries

  • Easements

We provide strategic, aggressive representation to resolve your real estate dispute. We always look to resolve real estate disputes as efficiently as possible to minimize cost and exposure for our clients. When we do need to take a dispute to trial, we are experienced litigators who are ready to fight for our clients’ interests in the courtroom.

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